The Final Note

Finally, for the Final Note. This note would have been guided you thru all the methodologies that I used while preparing for the CEH (Practical) exam.

Hey! Thank you for reading my notes. I hope this will be your only source of side support throughout your CEH (Practical) preparation. I strongly suggest you take your own notes so that you can personalize them.

Disclaimer: These notes are only for your personal preparation. I did it for mine, and I thought it might help others too. You can share this note anywhere, but if any issue arises, I'm not responsible for it. Also, some of the tools I've mentioned in the notes are not updated, handle them with your own response.

Support Me

Hi Again! So I put much effort into writing Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) Notes since they are not going to pay me, but if I get a few treats, I'd be more grateful to myself since I can use them for my hosting and server maintenance. 😁😍💝

I Need your Feedback

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