Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)(Practical)

This note will guide you with all my methodologies I used while preparing and throughout the exam.


Hey there!👋🏻 Welcome to my notes If you are here then you are probably to pass your Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) exam or to get to know about the exam. So this book guides you with all the tools, tricks procedures, notes. I used it in my preparation and during my exam.

Disclaimer: You can't 100% relay this note for your exam preparation. Since I do have experience with penetration testing I might have skipped a few steps. I tried almost to add all the tools and steps in layman terms, so please get used to it and always google the stuff. Use these notes as your escape mechanism before your exam. All the tools which have mentioned in this guide may not be safe to use since some of the tools are not been maintained by the team. If any issues happen for you or for your computer, I'm not responsible.

My Write-up

You can read my blog on how I cracked CEH (Practical) with a full score on my first attempt. Since I wrote a blog on Medium, I'm not duplicating all my content here on this page, also, it may affect the SEO rank of my website.

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Hi Again! So I put much effort into writing Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical) Notes since they are not going to pay me, but if I get a few treats, I'd be more grateful to myself since I can use them for my hosting and server maintenance. 😁😍💝

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